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Check Out the Diverse Agriculture of Hawaii

  Because of its mild climate all year long, Hawaii is blessed with a fertile land that could sustain several varied kinds of agriculture. Roughly 40% of the land on this state is farmland. The Aloha State houses around 3,600 crop farms as well as 1,100 livestock farms, which contain hogs, cattle, eggs, milk, and honey. Hawaii’s average agriculture sales every year amount to approximately $357 million.


When the public think about the possible agriculture found in the Hawaiian Islands, the crops that would quickly come to their minds are pineapple, sugarcane, coffee, and macadamia nuts. While all these are undoubtedly very significant crops for the state, there are still plenty of other produce that help in sustaining the economy of the islands. These other crops include banana, ginger, sweet potato, onions, seed crops, and lettuce.


When the Western people first arrived at the Hawaiian Islands during 1778, they were able to learn that the Hawaiian natives already had an extensive assortment of food available back then. Some of the things that the Westerners saw in the islands were good supplies of chicken, pig, taro, ginger, ti, kawa, coconut, sugar, breadfruit, banana, and sweet potato.


Sugarcane was actually flourishing in the islands even before Captain Cook reached Hawaii in 1778. Way back in 1802, the local folks on Lanai were apparently using some stone rollers so that they would be able to obtain the sweet fluid from the sugarcanes. Hawaii possesses the ideal climate to grow this crop. Around 1959, there is one among every twelve individual in the labor force that was working in the sugar industry. These days, sugar is still being produced in the Hawaiian Islands. However, there are several sugar processing mills that have already closed down.


Another famous crop in Hawaii is the macadamia nut. This tree was originally from Australia but it was brought to the islands in 1882. It is now considered as among the most popular produce to emerge from the Hawaiian Islands. Nowadays, the state provides around 90% of the macadamia nuts throughout the world via Hawaii’s 700 farms as well as 8 processing plants. Visitors would surely be able to discover all sorts of macadamia nut products during their Hawaiian holiday.

 The pineapple immediately became one of Hawaii’s biggest and the most profitable produce after it was introduced to the islands in 1813. Back in the 1960s, the state was responsible for growing 80% of the pineapples supplied all over the globe. At present, pineapples are still grown in the Hawaiian Islands, but times have drastically changed. The state is no longer a lucrative site to cultivate and process pine because there are plenty of cheaper locations to do so. At this time, the Hawaiian Islands only grow around 2% of the world’s pineapples.

 It was during the 1930s when coffee turned into a commercial crop in the Hawaiian Islands. These days, the state is home to around 715 fairly small coffee farms. Hawaii is the one and only United States supplier of coffee throughout the globe.

 Travelers would definitely be able to sample some of these crops when they visit Hawaii. While on a holiday, guests should try to stop by at plantations to learn how the crops are grown and processed in Hawaii. It would not only be enlightening, but it would also be a rich experience to savor while on vacation in this tropical haven.  Brought to you by Hawaii florist and Oahu weddings

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Beautiful Leis of Hawaii

The Beautiful Leis of Hawaii

Stunning turquoise beaches, spectacular destinations and exciting activities are not the only reasons for tourists to keep coming back to Hawaii. This state is not merely another one attractive spot in the sun. There is an unquestionable characteristic deeply ingrained in Hawaii’s culture and traditions such as the ready smiles given to guests as well as the natural extension of common courtesy. It is widely referred to as the incomparable aloha spirit and guests would only be able to find it here.

Along with the renowned aloha spirit, Hawaii is strongly associated to the flower necklaces called leis. Strangers in this land are offered sweet-smelling leis as a gesture of welcome to their glorious islands. There is no other thing that could even come remotely close to a lei. The striking tropical exquisiteness of the dainty garland, the lusciously heady scent of its blossoms, and the delicate way that its flowers curl delicately around one’s neck are just some of its unique qualities. Oahu wedding specialist and Your Hawaii vacation specialist

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Visit Oahu and see our flowers

Explore the Exquisite Island of Oahu

    Oahu, also dubbed as the Gathering Place, is the most visited and the third largest island in Hawaii. The island was formed from the remains of two large volcanoes. This tropical haven is best known for its flourishing gardens and rainforests, and its white sandy beaches. The famous Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Waikiki, and Diamond Head are all found here.

    There are countless outdoor activities to be done in Oahu. Surfing would always be on top of the list in the travelers’ itinerary. Oahu’s waves are very popular attractions for surfers all over the world. The waves in summer are perfect for surfing. Take note, however, that the high waves in the North Shore during winter could be extremely dangerous because they often reach 25 feet or more.

   Beach lovers would also find it irresistible to try swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing in one of the best beaches in the world such as Kailua Beach Park and Halona “Eternity” Cove. Visitors could also have a unique experience of swimming with dolphins, and they could also learn to dance the traditional Hawaiian hula.

    To understand the Hawaiian history even better, tourists should drop by the Contemporary Museum situated at Makiki Heights. It presents a collection of contemporary art of renowned artists, which include Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Josef Albers, and Jennifer Bartlett, among others. It has beautiful gardens and offers a panoramic view of Diamond Head.

   Another museum that travelers could visit is Father Damien Museum, concealed behind St. Augustine by the Sea Church on Waikiki Beach. It was built in honor of the famous Catholic priest named Father Damien who was a true hero and humanitarian for the people of Hawaii.

     The Hoomaluhia State Park or A Place of Peace and Tranquility is another fantastic place to visit in Oahu. As its name suggests, a stroll in this park would make the travelers unwind and feel relaxed. A representation of other tropical regions such as Africa, India, Malaysia, Hawaii, Melanisia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Polynesia are shown on the 400-acre land. Trails in the park would let the visitors take a glimpse of a variety of unusual and extinct species of plants. Tourists would also see a 32-acre lake, and they could also experience camping on the campgrounds in the park.

   Visitors would also love to take a tour of Lyon Arboretum. They would see all kinds of tropical flowers, plants and trees. People could walk through the dense forest if they want to relax by hearing the sounds of the birds chirping and the wind blowing.

   It is every shopper’s delight to drop by the 50-acre open air Ala Moana Shopping Center. There are over 200 shops that tourists could choose from. In fact, millions of shoppers from around the world come here every year to find the best bargains.

   The island of Oahu is very alive even at night. There are still several things to do even if the sun has already set. Tourists could enjoy a romantic dinner by the seaside or even dinner cruises. They could also spend their time watching hula shows or dancing to the Hawaiian music in the bars near the shore. Visitors could even have fun without having to pay a single penny by taking a stroll and listening to the sounds of the waves reaching the shore.

 Oahu Vacation is really a magical island that tourists should not dare to miss when they visit Hawaii. Not only does it a house the best beaches in the world, but it also has other awe-inspiring places to explore. A visit to Oahu would definitely make every traveler’s dream come true.   Se more about Oahu flowers at Hawaii flowers