Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reception Ideas

Reception Ideas:

Couples looking forward at wedding reception flowers have endless and wonderful options. to choose from, Now this is where the color of your theme comes into play, is you wedding tropical and colorful or you have hues of pastels in your bouquet whatever choices you made during planning your wedding may be carried out into the reception?

Location is of paramount importance while planning the wedding reception. Based on the number of people invited, couples may require a sizable room or ballroom, You might need a dance floor or an open bar? With permissible weather conditions, wedding reception can also be held at a local park or in the backyard.

Parameters for Reception:

Look at every detail while inspecting prospective sites for reception. Consider the colour scheme and verify as to whether the carpet pattern or colour is complimentary or not. Place chairs that would very well mingle with the wedding reception theme. Avoid Spanish décor when the wedding is an airy and light affair.

Never hurry for a wedding reception plan. In case, it is financially feasible and available, reserve the reception site for the entire day. In this way, couples will not rush through their festivities to clear way for another party. They can buy time for getting the whole thing ready, get some time to relax, take pictures and enjoy the party.

Wedding Reception Arrangement:

Table Arrangement: Usually, round tables work the best for guests. Although long banquet tables are impressive, it is difficult for guests to converse with one another. A U-shaped table with the groom and bride at the head for the wedding party can work wonders. Guests could easily approach the couple for the purpose of conversation and the bride’s relatives would still be in a position of chatting easily.

Select Elegant Table Covers: Most of the tables for reception are functional banquet style and are required to be covered. Select elegant under-tablecloth of floor length. Place a lace, sheer or colourful over-cloth. Tablecloths are available at cheaper rates at the rental party companies. Some companies accept the mail orders for rental party arrangement clothes. These cloths could be directly sent to the site and then shipped, once the party ends. Remember to include the high cost tablecloth in the overall budget.

Add Sparkle and Drama with Candles: All the candles don't burn the same time or the same way. For short cocktail reception, small votive candles would work fine. In case of luncheon or dinner with dancing, large pillar candles or tall tapers are required. Test the burning period of the candles, so as to ensure their existence throughout the party.

Big Wedding Cake: Even in a small wedding party, guests can enjoy the sight of a tall tiered cake. Ask the cake baker to have several fake layers as a sort of base for a real cake. Let rest of the cake be frosted and no one would understand the difference. This is less costly and a lot easier than the multi-level cake that won't be consumed. Couples, who don't care about a large size cake, can order many sheet cakes from the kitchen.

Stylish Welcome for Guests: Plan a good entrance area for the guests. As they enter the site and get out of their cars, welcome them with other decorations, candle-lit lanterns and floral garlands. Offer welcoming decorations along the pathway to the reception site from the wedding site. Ensure that the sidewalk is dust free and the entire area is litter free.

Embark on a Guest Schedule: Plan out every important schedule with spouse or with a wedding coordinator. Better prepare a printed reception ceremony for guests, such that they don't miss on important events. Involve events that attract maximum support, participation and cheer from the guests. This can include special toasts to the groom and bride, bride’s bouquet tossing, happy couple dance and cake cutting. Organization of everything ahead of time can let the celebration continue without any hitch. Pay attention to the details. This is what would matter
the most.

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Our new Flash Gallery

We here at Flower Hawaii are excited to introduce our new flash flower gallery.