Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Searching for a florist

Aloha! My name is Melanie Belsheim and I am searching for a florist in Hawaii want to get married in Hawaii...and soon! I found your website and I am very interested in the Romance Package for two. I live on the island (Oahu) and shortly after the wedding we will be relocating to Canada where I am from. My fiance and I are thinking about a small beach wedding and the most important feature for us besides the actual vows, are the pictures. Since the majority of our family will not be with us, we are interested in the 50 pictures and the online wedding album. Could you give me an estimate of how much the Romance Package would cost. We would like to get married on July 1, 2006. And also, do you have availabilities that day? Thank you very much, Belsheim

weding themes info

FROM: All Time Favorites fro hawaii wedding themes (where you are a member of)Someone just clicked the MORE PRICES-EMAIL us link on one of All Time Favoritessites (which you are a member of).(to terminate these types of notices, please read instructions at the bottom)NO FURTHER INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE such as name/phone number and contact data.We just know they previewed your sales pitch/general prices and may yet decideto fill out the event request form or they will call to contact you.Our computer notifies you of this when they click the More Prices-Email-Phone #link next to your company name on our website.Sending to you at ---info@alohaislandweddings.com---on Wed Jun 7 2006 9:07:03 pm CDTIf they call you by phone from the website in a few minutes, it could be thatthey were referred from All Time Favorites.We told this client to call you at this number >>> 808 947 0060Additional information about the visitor:The came from this page: local/Wedding-hawaii florist Related/bridal-planner/Hawaii/Maui.htmProduct/Service Name: Aloha Island WeddingsProduct/Service Category: bridal plannerunder this city/state on our site: Maui HawaiiSales pitch they saw:Helping creat elegant beautiful weddings for couples Aloha Island Weddingsprovides bridal wedding themes planner products and services within Maui Hawaii and nearbycities.Prices: Competitive Rates Request a quote using this form or call thephone \# after completing the form.Pricing info that they saw:

Good morning hawaii florist

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Good Morning florist in Hawaii! We are planning our wedding for mid-december and would like a quote for the below ASAP. If you could send us an approximate quote today it would be very much appreciated! We need a quote broken down BY ITEM not just a total please. Our requirements are below:
A very simple ceremony. No bridesmaids or groomsmen, nobody walking me down the aisle.
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Wedding at Diamond Head Gazebo in Mid-December 2006
Approx 20 guests
Would like chairs with white covers and decorative light pink bows on them
for our
oahu florist to provide (short ceremony)
We will take care of our own cake. We DO NOT require a cake.
We DO NOT want an online wedding website
We DO NOT require flowers for the table
We DO NOT want leis for our guests
Rose bride’s bouquet like the one in the following picture:
Some light pink and white orchid flowers lining the runway
A few rose petals for the guests to throw after the ceremony
Custom Floral Gazebo
Small Boutonniere for the Groom
Bride and Groom Lei (similar to the ones the couple has in the above link)Photography Package
Thank you!!!

thankyou Ppaul

Hi Paul-I just wanted to thank you for spending the time with me yesterday onthe phone. I really appreciate all the tips and help you gave me!! We'vedecided that the 10/23 date for the ceremony is set in stone sounfortunately I'm not going to be able to work with you on this. We'vebasically decided to go to Capt. Howie (despite Dawn's negative review)and get married on the beach at Waimanalo Question for you is... Iknow you have other weddings going on for that day - are any of themgoing to be on Waimanalo by any chance? Just wondering Lastly, can you tell me what your mailing address is? I'd like to sendyou a little thank you for your time spent with me yesterday!Thanks Paul! Take care,Emily

Friday, June 02, 2006

Flowers on Maui

Flower Maui wedding questions
My daughter would like to be married on 21 Oct 06. We are staying at the Maui Westin but the date she has chosen they already have their gardens booked.
its important to book at least three months before the
weddings here are wedding suggestions
She would like to have a morning wedding with a luncheon. Approximately 20-25 people will attend. How much would it cost for sometime of garden wedding? Beach wedding? She must has the wedding in a private area because she is deft in one ear and she cannot hear that good if there is allot of noise around.
How about a hotel wedding and reception do you provide flowers ?
?Yes please go to our wedding flower website at
Hawaiian florist
I would like the price for all of these as soon as possible? We are military and cannot afford allot but we would really like a nice simple yet elegant wedding. Thank you.
You may email me back because I work from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Mon. - Fri. and our times are different than yours.
Lani Guanfa MA Manager's Assistant Building 808 238-8179

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Question and answer to Beach weddings in Hawaii

Hi Aloha Island Weddings well instead of having your florist that you are using try to figure out what sort of flower the bouquet is that i previously sent to you for the bridesmaids i have chosen a completely different bouquet all together please let me know where i can find plumeria flower on the site
ok go to
Hawaii florist on oahu
that not only will fit into the "tropical" wedding more so then the other but it is alot easier for you to get plus its gorgeous. When it comes to the colors in the center of the orchid please can we try and make sure that it is a deep red and not purplish. i want them to try and match the deep red dresses that they will be wearing as much as possible. do you know where there are some picture of Hawaii arches on the beach, please go to beach weddings

i know that they have some pink on the outter rim of that center aswell which is fine because that will pull my bouquet in with theirs. I sent you the picture of the wedding cake that we are wanting again and i hope that the picture i sent with that email of the cake actually came through this time. i have to go and check the website that you made for us but i have sent another picture of it just in case. Anyway can we please scratch the whole green color. I have thought about it and i want to make the cake a cream color with white detailing. and then have
green orchids (green cimbidiums) and then the orchids in the bridesmaids bouquets (the other picture i sent) positioned on and around the cake in clusters. These orchids (green cimbidiums and bridesmaids) i want them to be the orchids on the tables and on the "runway" to the gazebo, is this possible? Then i guess the flower arrangements that are attached to the gazebo which are going to be used for the center pieces, those can just be made out of a combination of both kind of orchids and then all the flowers from my bouquet ...... thats if the hawaii florist thinks it will work out well color scheme wise etc. that i will leave up to him/her. ok well i think this is ALOT of information for one email :) sorry. I hope that you recieved the picture of the cake if not i can send it to you again but will take a different route in email it to you maybe go directly online. Thank you so much for your time, Im getting SUPER anxious and cant wait for October to arrive. Aloha