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Information on Hibiscus flowers in Hawaii


Watering.............. Hibiscus love water!!, Your hibiscus plant will thrive best with conditions of lots of rain and watering ,

Hibiscus for your hair . Once you have chosen the color and varieties of the Hibiscus, you will need to carefully push a toothpick through the calx { the green "cup" at the bottom of the flower where it was picked } . from there you should easily be able to use a bobby pin to push through the Hibiscus to anchor the flower in your hair.

  wisdom from the hibiscus lady Jill Coryell



 Bouquets made in Hawaii

So delicate but simply delicious the Hibiscus Flower Bouquet
made in Hawaii

Light baby pink with yellow center plumeria flowers
next to a yellow hibiscus tropical flower bouquet

Yellow hibiscus flower bouquet in the back ground a light white pink plumeria bouquet with a yellow bulls eye center


Hibiscus flower with the orange red center set in a silver bouquet holder, made be
Hawaii's top tropical exotic floral designers


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