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Want a direct statement about who you are at your wedding???
make it happen with Hawaii's vibrant indigenous flowers,a mosaic diversity is at your hands.
For people in Hawaii flower's play an important role throughout everyone's everyday life , from having flowering trees to brighten up their landscape to
exotic arrangement on the kitchen table and also to Hawaiians their tropical flowers represent spiritual abundance ,

Hawaiian florists use a wide selection of brightly colored pink ginger to purple petals of bougainvilleas as well as palm leaves and bamboo sticks to show the flavor of the Hawaiian islands.
 Hawaii is situated just above the equator giving the islands a tropical paradise found on many of the rainforest in Hawaii,
The humidity of the tropics are perfect growing climate for exotic floral arrangements, this climate produces some very unique one and only kind of flowers . This kaleidoscope of colors bloom daily and throughout the whole year in Hawaii so the saying goes {LUCKY YOU LIVE HAWAII} as the local say., So while you are in Hawaii why not bring little of the Hawaii essence to your Hawaii wedding through the native species of flowers......Many brides say they would like to use only whites such as roses and lilies for their wedding bouquet , though when they see the Hawaiian flowers they are inspired to try something new, 
We suggest to Hawaii brides and destination weddings that the use of soft color flowers such as white and pastels may also be found in Hawaii through the ginger flower moon orchids and delightful hibiscus.
for white why not go with gardenias, orchids , ginger and plumeria,,, for pastels you may find the puakene kene flower plus variety of the Halekonia and bird of Paradise that might suite your palate for the colors floral you are looking for,

Texture and color form are key elements of design and must always be kept in mind in choosing the type of arrangement or bouquet or center piece to distinguish your personal style of your wedding. without these principles the wedding flowers or floral designs will not have a pleasing effect on the eye. and remember try to have fun choosing your flowers after all flower design and flowers in general are used to be therapeutic and relaxing and bring beauty into your area so if you are stressed out about flowers take a break and come back to it when you are in the right frame of mind.
very aspect of they wedding , has studied extensively through out the world
exploring native flower and traditional aspects of Polynesian culture, he has won prestigious awards in flower designs and write for numerous articles
and is editor of flower Hawaii link magazine. Current projects include coordinating advise for television.


Alakai Floral Creations
1127 11th Ave, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 735-6969

Alakai Floral Creations
1123 11th Ave Ste 103, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 735-6969

Coming Up Roses
3716 Claudine St, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 737-7105

Flower Service Jun
1016 Kapahulu Ave Ste G, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 732-4811

Hana No E
3012 Waialae Ave Ste 102, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 732-8739


Pattys Floral Designs
3133 Waialae Ave, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 732-5728

The Flower Mill Inc
617 7th Ave, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 737-5357

The Spinning W E B Florist
1137 12th Ave, Honolulu
Phone: (808) 734-3400

Honolulu Flower Lady
Phone: (808) 734-4335 Kahiko Florist & Boutique
1139 9th Ave, Honol

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