Fall Wedding

There is no better time to celebrate your wedding than during the fall season. The crisp, clean air and the bold, beautiful colors heighten your senses and make people think of snuggling together, enjoying the company of friends, and sampling the fruits of the fall harvest.
Invite your guests to your fall wedding using a crisp, clean, traditional invitation, or take a cue from the leaves on the trees and choose a beautiful parchment in a fall color. Make your own invitations by printing the information on a piece of ivory parchment, then frame it with a background in burgundy, forest green, or gold. Adorn each handmade beauty with a small, silk fall leaf for an elegant and seasonal touch.
With the chill in the air, you can turn to richer, heavier fabrics in choosing your gown. Satins and taffetas in bright white or elegant cream will make the perfect fall bride picture. While you can certainly choose something simple, even a slip dress if that is what you’ve always dreamed, but the fall season easily allows for you to wear something fuller and heavier that you might not consider wearing during a summer wedding. Even a gown with heavier beading and embroidery seems to fit right in with the season.
Your bridesmaids can choose from the palette of the season in selecting their gowns. You can look at the colors of the trees and pick your favorites when thinking of your attendants’ dresses. Colors for the season range from the golden yellows, burnt oranges, and deep reds to the dark greens and chocolatey brown. These dresses, too, can be made in heavier fabrics, and depending on where you will be holding your wedding, you may find velvet works very well. You could even opt to go with black gowns to highlight bouquets of rich, fall colored flowers.
The groom and his attendants will look perfect in the traditional tuxedo, but you can accessorize in fall colors to match your bridesmaid dresses. Vests in burgundy or forest green will make for stunning photographs.
You will have abundant flower choices for both you and your attendants to carry, as well as to use in your reception décor. Sunflowers and mums in every autumn color are especially lovely to see at a fall wedding. If you choose to go with fall hued gowns, you can select a single color for your floral bouquet, but add touches of silk leaves and satin ribbons to match your gowns. For your centerpieces, combine the colorful flowers of the season with fall fruit. You can incorporate apples and pears into your centerpieces, or choose to go with a cornucopia filled with fresh fall produce and a sprinkling of autumn flowers. Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with seasonal flowers and fall leaves, then surround the centerpieces with votive candles for a warm, welcoming look to your reception location.
Welcome your guests to your fall wedding by setting up your place cards so they have an autumn flair to them. Attach each place card to the stem of a pear or on a caramel dipped apple. Use the heads of large sunflowers and glue your place cards to the centers, then pack them closely together on your welcoming table.
When planning our autumn wedding menu, think of rich, hardy foods that warm the heart and the stomach. Start your meal with a thick, hearty soup that has the flavor of the season, such as a pumpkin soup or a butternut squash soup. Step away from traditional wedding fare and offer smothered pork chops or a perfectly cooked pork roast stuffed with apples and pecans so that there is a taste of fall in every bite. Your guests will truly enjoy a dessert buffet, filled with seasonal favorites like apple pie, pumpkin bread, and apple cider doughnuts, which you can serve with flavored coffee.
Let your imagination guide you in planning your autumn wedding. Look at the color palette nature has given you and pair the bold, beautiful fall colors with candlelight and warm fabrics. Your guests will feel warm and cozy and happy that they were included in the event that is your autumn wedding.


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