Chinese flowers

Plum blossom

Another blossom which is national emblem of China is plum blossom. These plants have originated in China. Later on, the plants were brought to Korea and Japan. The plant became the national symbol due to its features. The plum blossoms are the only flowers which blossom in peak winter season. Though the surrounding is colder and covered with thick snow; the plum blossoms keep on blooming. In this season, no other flower can sustain. As a result, the flower has become the symbol of survival.

There are more than 300 cultivars of plum blossoms. These can be found in variety of colors such as white, light green shades, purple, red and pink. Depending on its type and color, the plum blossoms are given different names in Chinese. These plants are grown for flowers and fruits.  The fruit juice, also known as Ume juice, is preserved with sugar. These are flavored with Chinese flowers, Sweet Osmanthus. This juice is famous in China as well as in Korea, especially in summers.

The plum blossoms are used to make plum wine. This is smooth and sweet alcoholic liquor. The fruits are used to make pickles too. They are flavored with purple colored perilla leaves and salt.  

Sweet Osmanthus

This is another native flower in China. This plant is also known as fragrant olive or tea olive. The flowers grow on a 3 to 12 meter tall evergreen shrub of sweet osmanthus. The plant is found in China as well as in Himalayan Ranges. The flowers possess strong smell. The flowers are available in variety of colors such as orange- yellow, purely yellow, pale yellow and white. The shrub becomes mature in spring, six months following its flowering state. After it becomes mature, it smells like apricots or ripe peaches.

Other native flower plants in China

Apart from these famous flowers and blossoms, there are number of other species that have originated in China. Some of them are taken to other parts of world due to their beauty and special features. One of such plants is orchid. There are large numbers of varieties in orchid plant. The flowers possess various shapes, sizes and colors for each variety. These plants exist in China for nearly 15 to 20 millions years.

Bamboo flowers are world famous and are called as Chinese blossom. The bamboo flowers quite irregularly. Some of them can even flower after 100 years. Water lilies or lotus are also famous plants in China. Gardenia is famous white or pale yellow colored flowers used in perfumes.  Chinese rose is a famous flower of Rose family. These flowers are available in deep purple or red colors.

Along with these, flowers like Chrysanthemum, Aster, Lotus, Trichosanthes Kirilowi, Rhodondendron and Camellia are the native flowers of China.