Bani & Jared 



Location  - Lanikai Beach
Wedding Date
Wedding Date: April 3, 2007

Time of Wedding: 900am
Number of Guest- 1 to 3

flower circle pink ginger with rainbow heliconia
palms walkway
Ukulele music Hawaiian Wedding song sung
for bridal processional
Hawaiian wedding video
colorful variety of  calla-lilies,
flame, pink, and orange

 Palms & circle     Ceremony      Dance    Amore 

flowers for the sand walk way
flower circle if you want one 
will add two leis for you and one for mom

Arriving on 31  meet on the 

Hotel staying at Ashton Waikiki

flowers for the hair ...........

Aloha , Hawaii Flowers our wedding florist,
just wanted to make sure all our flowers are and everything's ready to go for our wedding on Tues.
April 3. If there anything else i need to do before we meet on the evening
of Mar. 31 @ the ResortQuest let me know.
I'm Bany (pronounced Bonnie) Dominguez, we talked on the phone earlier this
week. I'm a friend of Trish and Arthur Buck, you guys helped coordinate
their wedding last March. They recommended you for our wedding. You asked me
to email you some of the things we discussed for our wedding.
Names: Bany Jareb Dominguez and Jared Nathan Zinter
Wedding Date: April 2, 2007
Time: morning-ish (before the crowds hit the beach)
Location: lani'kai beach (where Trish and Art got married)
Possible guest: 4
Confirmed guest:1, my mom
I just love the flowers on the sand will you increase the amount of single plumerias on package to
about 100 more.   Sure will add those for you  " Hawaii Florist"
Flowers: I would love calla-lillies, if that possible i want a rainbow of colors in my and for my bouquet.  color:
flame, pink, and orange

ribbon color .....................

(my wedding dress is an ivory cafe color in case the florist needs to know).
Hair: I plan to wear my hair down with a flower in my hair.
If there's anything else I left out let me know, i'll email as soon as i
can. Could you also give me an overall estimate when you get a chance. Thank
you Hawaii florist)
-Bany and Jared
A little bit about us:
Jared and I met in the army while we were stationed at Ft Sam Houston, TX.
In a short period of time we got to know each other well. Short-after we had
to say good-bye. We kept in touch and later realized how much we both met to
each other. Jared moved from Missouri to Texas to be together. A year or so
later, I was deployed for 18 mo. when i got back Jared had moved back home
to Missouri and asked me to join him. I moved to Missouri 7 mo ago where
jarred and i now live. We truly believe God made us for one another. No one
would have made it through everything we have been through together. We
consider ourselves blessed to have found each other. We have now been
together for 3 years and engaged for 6 mo. Importunely, Jared recently found
out he will be deploying to Iraq this summer. We've moved up the wedding to
April and hope you guys can help coordinate this special day for us.


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