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Dear Flower Hawaii .com
I looked at some of flower examples on your website and I fell in love with the way you created the beautiful bouquets  for wedding and use creative wedding themes of the island hawaiian style .  I'd like to ask you to help my wedding ceremony!!  My husband and I just got married this month and we're living in LA.  We're thinking to have our wedding ceremony and reception party in Hawaii on Monday, May 5, 2008.  I prefer to have a ceremony at beach (either Kumu Hula or Waimanako) or at The Kahala Hotel & Resort. I have a question are plumeria in season year round????
Yes Alicia Plumeria flowers are in bloom year round, though there are some varieties like the rainbow plumeria flower that's hard to find from September through Januarary
I hope you understand my English, but if not, my husband can always talk to you instead.  He's an American.
Thank you,




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