Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hawaiian Bouquet flowers for a wedding at Kahala resort

I'm getting married at the Kahala resort on October 12, 2009. As part of my wedding package, a bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere are provided, but I find the florist who's providing that to be extremely expensive so I'm looking at having another florist for the other pieces we need. I've included a list of all the things we would like, so if you could put together a quote on your estimated cost and send it back to me that would be great! If you have any ideas or photos you could send as well, that would be very helpful as I'm very confused about what I want.

Regarding types of flowers, we are using orange as our color so we would like to have flowers that coordinate. I really like plumeria so I think I'd like to have them. I also like lilies, though I am not a fan of their scent. I would prefer to stay away from roses. I also love orchids so that's another option. Maybe there's another flower that works well with plumeria?

We need 2 bridesmaid bouquets. I would like them to coordinate with my bouquet with hibiscus like this , so it may be easier to use the other florist for that, but I would still like to know what your prices are for bridesmaid bouquets. We would need 2 leis for the groomsmen (not sure what type) and we would also like 4 leis for our parents (again not sure what type).

We have stanchion poles at the Kahala and would like to have them connected with tulle similar with anthurium flowers like this linkto the photo I've attached. Adam also wants some sheer orange ribbon intertwined. Can you give me a cost estimate if we provide you with the material versus if we just let you take care of it? We would like to use the same material to decorate the gazebo and we would like some sort of gazebo flower arrangement as well. Nothing large and extravagant, just something to add a bit of color. I think we could probably just afford to have one at the center, unless you could just make it smaller and have side pieces as well.

We were thinking of doing our own centerpieces, but if you can do them for a similar price then we would prefer to do that so we don't have to worry about transport (we're coming from Canada). We were thinking of using square glass vases with clear marbles on the bottom and floating candles with some sort of flower submerged in the water (would plumeria work or maybe orchids?). We thought we would set up some orange tealight candles across the centre of the table with scattered flowers (Adam wants whole flowers not just petals). We would need you to provide us with flowers either way, but we can buy the rest for about 40 dollars (Canadian) per piece so we don't want to spend much more. It looks like we'll be using one long table rather than the round tables so I'm guessing that would require around 4 or maybe 5 centerpieces (maybe you have a better estimate?). We're using the Kahala O Ke Kai room.

We would also like some flower petals for our flower girl haku lei

So that's about all. If you have any photos you can send of bouquets or leis or gazebo arrangements that you think we might like I would really appreciate it. Also, our centerpieces are just an idea, so if you have something that you think might work better that might be cheaper then definitely let us know. We're happy to hear suggestions! The more visual you can be for us, the easier it is for us to make decisions, so you can send as many photos as you like!

Hopefully I didn't forget anything. Let me know what you can do! Looking forward to your reply!
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