Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Julie and Jeremiah's Wedding

July 17th @ 10:00 am

website :

te: 9/22/2008 5:39:41 PM
Subject:.....Julie and Jeremiah's Wedding Ceremony set up quote needed thanks!

Emails Received from wedding couple

Hello Paul,
Here is what we are looking for Our wedding Hopefully the pictures i have put is very helpful!!! Feel free to give me a call or email to ask me more questions if needed. Also to give me a quote on what we would like! thanks!

Onsite wedding coordinator (if needed)

Minister ( I didnt see a list of minsters on the website to choose from but maybe you can email me back the the list of ministers)

:::::: Choice of Minister

Wedding certificate : included

Lotus Professional Hawaii Photos 80-100 4x6 pictures (negatives on cd) ::::: included

Complete Arch sent in photo with flowers $600 included runway and aisle sides flowers.

Plumeria/greenery on the arch add
Plumeria (and all the flowers used in the pictures below )aisle runway & border of the aisle
My lei with all the color plumeria, His lei with the maile leaf with all the colorful plumeria :::::included

Plumeria bouquet::::: included

Flower cir Add
Solo Musician- Ukelele (not too sure what songs yet) add
Edited Orchid Package Video of the wedding ceremony add

Limo 2 hrs add

2 tired cake with flower design ( cake shown below) plus Plumeria on the cake
Waimanalo beach wedding ceremony location :::: Included

Online Wedding website custom created Included

Hair and Make up services (not too sure if you would need this or not but these are my ideas of hair styles ) Do you have hairstylist and someone to do the makeup?

ure here is a few that we work with the hairstylist run a hour 125 to 150 depending upon who you choose.
Hair and make up artist

Beauty By May
Beauty By Tania
Christine Gardner Presents FLAUNT
Dorys Foltin
Hair & Makeup By Beverly Kaneshige

no flowers on the top of my head but possibly a big plumeria behind the ear :::: included

Flower set up

This arch with all the plumeria flowers being used and the greenery all around. I would like to use this at the end of the aisle run of plumeria where we would be withthe minister.

i would like it set up exactly like this minus the chairs...

With the flower circle I would like to try to use this as much as possible. So i wanted to see if we can use it for the cake cutting, the champange toast, the sand ceremony, and the first dance?? obviously not all at the same time =) but if we can move the table in the circle when doing the cake, toast and sand. then for the first dance..?

I would like to use this shape jar for the sand ceremony

I would like to use the same exact flowers and style for my bouquet
to use the same exact flowers and style for my bouquet
I would like to have the same type of leis used in this wedding for him and I (as the picture shows below) but with all the plumeria flowers i'm using for the set up and bouquet.
Also i would like to use the same exact cake and style but the plumeria flowers we are using through out the wedding.