Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flower Quote

Flower prices
I am trying to plan my formal wedding for 26 March 2009. I just wanted
to get an estimate of how much it would cost me for the following:
One (1) Bridal hand-tied bouquet - shades of pink and cream. I'd like
light pink stargazers and orchids, and anything that will compliment
them, I leave up to you. $275
One (1) Maid of Honor bouquet - mini version of bridal bouquet $125
One (1) Groom maile lei - traditional maile leaves intertwined with
white orchids $50
One (1) Best Man lei - tea leaf intertwined with white orchids
Three (3) leis (mothers) - ginger leis $25 each
Two (2) leis (fathers) - tea leaf intertwined with pikake flowers $15 each
I am currently deployed in Iraq, and will not be back in the states
until late December. And I won't be on island until the last two weeks
of March. If there is any other information needed, email is best for
me. Thank you!!