Friday, March 21, 2008

Indigenous Flowers in Thailand

Indigenous Flowers in Thailand

Introduction to Thailand’s vegetation

In recent times study of flora in Thailand is catching up and now is in a well-advanced stage. The most indigenous vegetation in Thailand is divided into two basic types to tropical forest; namely: Monsoon forest and Rain forest. Natural forest area covers about 25% of Thailand’s land mass. The countries is enriched with an incredible array of flora like fruit trees, bamboo, tropical hardwoods and more than 27,000 flowering species, and 10,000 vascular plants species. Thailand’s national floral symbol is ‘the Orchid’.

Sneak peak at prominent flowers in Thailand

Bat Plant: Also known as “devil flower” or “tacca chantrieri” is native to Thailand. This purple-black flower looks like a flying bat. Some say it looks like a sinister face, some see it as a mean cat with lots of whiskers. It usually blooms in late summer and early fall. It’s a complex plant having shiny green and white leaves. Proper shade with little filtered light and proper protection from wind is ideal for its growth. Proper drainage and a good organic soil mix are also useful. It’s got high humidity and can be a good house plant.

Frangipane: Referred to as ‘lantom’ in Thailand, mostly used in Buddhist temples for worshiping. Basically it is a deciduous plant and comes from the genus Plumeria. It can grow to a height of about 8mtrs. It blossoms in three different colors namely pink, white or yellow; but usually its flowers are pink. Interestingly these flowers are most fragrant at night. Sphinx moths used as pollinating agents are attracted to their fragrance, but the flowers have no nectar.

Golden Shower: It is counted amongst the nine most auspicious trees of Thailand, and is also the national tree here.

Ratchaphruek: It is the national flower of Thailand and is known as “thais”. It is very common and can be seen anywhere in the country. It blossoms in summer and bears cute cluster shaped flowers. These flowers are bright yellow in clolor.

Gluay Mhai: Known to us by the common name Orchids. Orchid mostly flowers during winter in Thailand. January is the most ideal month to see a variety of shapes, sizes and attractive colors of gluay mhai. Orchids habitually grow on frost trees, and mostly depend on the rain water running down the trunks. Due to this they are categorized under epiphytes. Thailand hosts maximum number of orchids in the whole of Asia, hence, it is unofficially the national flower of Thailand. Cultivation and breeding of these orchid plants has turned into a major export industry. more flower info at Hawaii florist