Tuesday, June 13, 2006

weding themes info

FROM: All Time Favorites fro hawaii wedding themes (where you are a member of)Someone just clicked the MORE PRICES-EMAIL us link on one of All Time Favoritessites (which you are a member of).(to terminate these types of notices, please read instructions at the bottom)NO FURTHER INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE such as name/phone number and contact data.We just know they previewed your sales pitch/general prices and may yet decideto fill out the event request form or they will call to contact you.Our computer notifies you of this when they click the More Prices-Email-Phone #link next to your company name on our website.Sending to you at ---info@alohaislandweddings.com---on Wed Jun 7 2006 9:07:03 pm CDTIf they call you by phone from the website in a few minutes, it could be thatthey were referred from All Time Favorites.We told this client to call you at this number >>> 808 947 0060Additional information about the visitor:The came from this page: local/Wedding-hawaii florist Related/bridal-planner/Hawaii/Maui.htmProduct/Service Name: Aloha Island WeddingsProduct/Service Category: bridal plannerunder this city/state on our site: Maui HawaiiSales pitch they saw:Helping creat elegant beautiful weddings for couples Aloha Island Weddingsprovides bridal wedding themes planner products and services within Maui Hawaii and nearbycities.Prices: Competitive Rates Request a quote using this form or call thephone \# after completing the form.Pricing info that they saw: